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We are a consulting firm that deliver results.

No matter if you are small or big we will help you in the best way. Success should not be hard, contact us today!


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1. Strategy

We start by booking a phone/personal meeting with you the as the client. After that we will come up with a strategy that fits you.

A part of the way to a selling website.


2. Reconnect

We reconnect to you with a foundation for you website and go through details and thought until you are satisfied.

Here our graphic designers and webconstructors start implementing our ideas and we are on our way to a finished product.


3. end result

The website is finished and ready to be used! But stay calm, it’s not quite finished yet.

Olmby will maintanence and improve on the SEO during the startup for the best possible results. We will make sure you get the knowledge you need to in the end be able to maintancence and edit your website on your own.

So lean back and let us do the work!


Proved success

The numbers speak

In todays society its more important than ever to be visible. All our websites are designed for the best possible smartphone and tablet experience.

Today 51% of the trafic on the internet comes from smartphones, we help you not to lose customers and important traffic.

By average 60% of all the hits on google are organic. Thats why its extremly important to have good search engine optimization.

We maximize your chances of being visible by optimizing your website months after publishing.



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